& Development

    Semi Convertor Industries Sdn Bhd research and technical efforts continue to be directed at making new packaging ideas a reality through package structure design and advanced production technology. The Company's long-term commitment is to remain a low-cost producer of high-quality packaging materials and to be at the forefront of new packaging ideas.

    New polymer developments are incorporated into Semi Convertor Industries Sdn Bhd’s products through a philosophy of continuous product improvement. Packaging materials are designed to meet or exceed customer requirements no matter what the challenge. Examples include: designing a film to provide a barrier to gases, moisture and flavors; improving performance of materials on packaging machinery; and enhancing product durability during package distribution.

    World-class laboratories equipped with the latest material testing equipment and a wide array of packaging specialist allow Semi Convertor Industries Sdn Bhd to conduct real-world evaluations of material for customers.


    “Quality Comes First”. A business is only as good as its products. Stringent quality control at SCI ensures that all finished products reach the customers only once they are verified defect-free. This is done through constant on-line and off-line inspections.

    The first procedure checks on factors such as operation condition, product specification and operation parameters whilst the second is conducted on finished products to ascertain its use ability.


    Quality and consistency is paramount at SCI. By achieving ISO 9001. ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP are the foundation of our quality management practices. We ensure stringent quality control practices through the production lifecycle, providing the quality products to our customers.

    As a professional flexible plastic packaging provider, SCI management intend to move forward to a better business ethics in conjunction with BRC-IOP Food Packaging and ISO 27001 Information Security Management,